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Loris Opens Up His Heart

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It takes courage to stand up for others
It takes even more to stand up for yourself

This book helps young readers understand that sometimes, opening up your heart is the bravest thing you can do. Just like the main character Loris, readers can share their fears and find acceptance in their safe space.

Book with Important Life Lessons

‘Loris Opens Up His Heart’ teaches kids important values:
  • Helping others and showing kindness
  • Understanding diverse challenges like illness or foster homes
  • Being grateful for what they have
Geared toward children aged 5-10, the book helps them:
  • Learn to overcome their fears
  • Discover that friendship involves supporting each other through challenges.


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Loris Opens Up His Heart by Dagmara Sitek

Loris Opens Up His Heart

by Dagmara Sitek

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