How to Make Learning Fun for your Child

How to Deal With Back-to-School Screen Time Of Your Kids

It’s back-to-school season, and you know that it is going to be hard work to get your kids back to the routine you follow during the academic season. I know from experience that it will be quite challenging for you as a parent, but here are some tips on how you can help your kids get used to their new normal and schedule.

Set limits, boundaries, and expectations

Don’t just simply cut their screen time off; you can sit down with your kids before the school year starts and discuss this topic. Decide how much screen time they will be allowed per day and what activities they will be allowed to do. Be clear and specific about your expectations and rules; also ensure that you attach consequences to those who do not follow the rules. This will teach your children accountability. Also, so as to ensure that they do not feel suffocated and controlled, you have to keep them involved in the decision-making process.

Be consistent with the rules

I know that these kids have gotten very good at giving puppy eyes that will make your heart swell immediately you see them, but consistency is very important because they won’t take you seriously if you are not always consistent with the rules and expectations. Once you have set limits and boundaries, make sure you are consistent in enforcing them. There should be no screen time during meals, family time, homework time, or before bed.

Make screen time a privilege

I know this sounds restricting but try this. Instead of letting your kids have unlimited screen time, make them earn it. You can always use chores, getting good grades, being nice to your siblings, and giving to others.

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Set good examples

There is no doubt that you are an adult and you have worked for the things you have right now; however, you still have to set a good example for your kids. Kids learn by watching the adults in their lives, and they are much smarter than we give them credit for, so if you want your kids to limit their screen time, you need to do the same. Create more family time with your kids and make sure you are all doing something you all enjoy; you will be surprised that they will forget about their phones. Putting your phone away during these activities will prompt them to do the same.

Use parental control

Many devices these days give you the chance to child-proof your kid’s phone. This will allow you to set limits on their screen time and block access to inappropriate content.

Prioritise educational screen time

Sometimes, you just have to make the most of some situations. You should know that not all screen time is equal, and you need to make the most of educational apps, websites, and interactive programs that align with your child’s curriculum. You also need to teach them to be mindful of their screen engagement. Encourage them to take breaks, stretch, and maintain good posture while on screen.

Encourage Screen-free hobbies

Screen time shouldn’t be the only time your kids get to have fun. Sign them up for different things and help them discover offline hobbies that they can enjoy. Remember to not force the hobbies on them or make fun of them when they do choose one. These offline hobbies will not only minimize their screen time but also enhance their creativity and cognitive skills.

Create a screen-free zone

As mentioned earlier, you need to create some places in your home where devices are not allowed. This will encourage healthier habits and create a gap between your kids and digital engagement.

I know that managing back-to-school screen time requires a lot of work, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, you have to start by setting clear boundaries and setting a good example. We live in the digital world now, but your kids need to know that the offline world can be fun too. Work together with your kids to be responsible and to make sure that their screen time is both educational and enjoyable.

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