How To Deal With Peer Pressure And Bullying

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Free worksheet and video for kids on How to Deal With Peer Pressure And Bullying

Growing up can be a beautiful journey filled with excitement and new experiences. We all get to learn, make mistakes, love, grow understand, and live. However, it’s important for parents of children aged 6-10 years to recognize that challenges like peer pressure and bullying can arise. Harassment and intimidation can happen to kids early in primary school.

In this blog post, you will learn how to deal with peer pressure and bullying. You will delve into how to equip your child with tools to handle situations like negative influence, why standing up for oneself and others is vital, and how to foster an assertive, resilient, and compassionate spirit.


1. RECOGNIZING PEER PRESSURE- Helping your kids to identify such is a good way to start. By helping them, they can recognize when they are been influenced by their peers to make choices that go against their values and instincts. So remember, to know how to deal with peer pressure and bullying you first need to define these issues for your child! Start with the basics.

2. BUILDING CONFIDENCE-  Nurture your child’s self-esteem so they are more confident enough to make their choices and resist negative influences. By doing so they are empowered enough to speak their minds and stick with it i.e. If their No is No that gets to be their final answer.

3. SAYING “ NO” WITH RESPECT- Teaching them to Say No helps in their confidence but teaching your child that it’s okay to say NO assertively without being disrespectful to their friends is a better way to go about it.


1. RECOGNIZING BULLYING- Educate your child about the different forms of bullying such as verbal, physical, and cyberbullying. Help them understand that bullying is never acceptable.

2. OPEN CONVERSATION- Open conversations with your kids help them to feel more safe and secure and it also helps them to open up about such experiences. Encourage them to share if they encounter or witness bullying. Watch this anti-bullying video with your children.‘5 Tips To Stop Bullying’ video and worksheet will help boost confidence in your kids and foster open communication about this important issue.

3. SEEKING HELP- Teach your child that seeking help from a trusted adult like a parent, teacher, or school counselor is a sign of strength, not weakness.


1. THE POWER OF KINDNESS-  Instill in your child the value of kindness and empathy. Teach them that standing up for themselves and others doesn’t mean they have to be aggressive but rather assertive and compassionate.

2. BEING A BYSTANDER- Encourage your kids to be supportive of those who are being bullied whether through words of comfort or seeking assistance. In other words, they should be an Upstander, not a Bystander.

3. BUILDING A SUPPORT NETWORK- Foster connections with friends who share the same values as them and will stand by them in challenging situations.

As a parent your role in empowering your kids in challenging times is paramount. By doing so they are equipped with strategies to handle peer pressure and bullying.

Standing up for oneself and others isn’t just a skill but a reflection of the values you have instilled in them as a parent. Through open communication, empathy, and unwavering support you are paving the way for a future where your child and their peers uplift and protect one another. So let’s cultivate a generation of young hearts who stand tall and radiate kindness.

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